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Minami Wing Insurance

Minami Wing Insurance

What are your reasons to subscribe for insurance?

What are your reasons to subscribe for insurance?
  • To be prepared for unexpected events such as accident or disaster
  • To save for living expense after retirement
  • To secure family life
  • To save fund for education/marriage fund children
  • To save medical/hospitalization cost in case of injury or illness
  • To save money

Minami Wing Insurance will propose the most appropriate insurance plan for you.

Convenient online subscription service

Minami Wing Insurance offers a convenient online subscription service that you can get a quotation and complete subscription process. Please contact us for details.

  • Overseas travel insurance

    Overseas travel insurance

    1. -Reliable insurance service
    2. -Can be subscribed even on the day of departure
    3. -Plan according to your purpose such as leisure or business trip
  • Golfer insurance

    Golfer insurance

    1. -Enriched coverage
    2. -Can be subscribed even on the day before your round
    3. -Accident Report Center is available 24/365
  • Car insurance

    Car insurance (24 hour unit type)

    Insurance period is 24
    hours Insurance fee starts at 500 yen a day!
    I prepare for the advantageous discount.

  • Cancer/Medical insurance

    Cancer/Medical insurance

Individual customers

Please consult us about your required coverage and budget.
Experts in insurance will help you to select the most appropriate insurance for your needs.

Main products
Non-life insurances Car insurance, fire insurance, earthquake insurance, accident insurance, etc.
Life insurances Medical insurance, cancer insurance, nursing care insurance, individual annuity insurance, child insurance, whole-life insurance, savings type whole-life insurance, interest sensitive savings type whole-life insurance, term insurance, endowment insurance, income protection insurance, etc.

Institutional/one-person business customers

We will clarify your risks and propose an insurance that meets your needs in terms of cost reduction. We will help you to ensure your company's security.

Main products
Non-life insurances Automobile insurance, fire insurance, accident insurance, liability insurance, construction insurance, commercial credit insurance, transportation insurance, etc.
Life insurances Medical insurance, cancer insurance, whole-life insurance, savings type whole life insurance, savings type interest sensitive whole-life insurance, term insurance, etc.

We will also propose accident prevention measure through promotion of safe driving.
Reducing accidents leads to reduced premiums.

List of products

Car insurance Golfer insurance Commercial credit insurance Medical insurance Whole-life insurance
Auto liability insurance Overseas travel insurance Transportation insurance Cancer insurance Interest sensitive whole-life insurance
Fire insurance Domestic travel insurance Nursing care insurance Term insurance
Earthquake insurance Liability insurance Individual annuity insurance Endowment insurance
Accident insurance Construction insurance Child insurance Income protection insurance
List of non-life insurance companies
List of non-life insurance companies Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance Inc. Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.
AIG General Insurance Company, Ltd. Nisshin Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd.
- List of life insurance companies
Mitsui Sumitomo Aioi Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Himawari Life Insurance, Inc. Aflac Life Insurance Japan, Ltd.
- ORIX Life Insurance Corporation - The Tokio Marine Life Insurance Co., Ltd. - NN Life Insurance Company, Ltd.
FWD Fuji Life Insurance Company, Limited Nippon Life Insurance Company Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company

Solicitation policy

To our valuable customers,
Minami Wing Insurance shall comply with the Insurance Business Act, Act on Sales, etc. of Financial Instruments, Consumer Contract Act, Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other relevant laws and regulations and will conduct sales activities from the viewpoint of customers based on the following policy in the sales of insurance and other financial products.

We shall endeavor to explain appropriately our products and risks so that our customers sufficiently comprehend our products and inherent risks of the products in a manner which matches customers’ intentions and conditions with a full understanding of customers’ knowledge on products, experience, purpose of purchase, and financial conditions, etc.

We shall try to conduct solicitation activities appropriately during appropriate hours, place, and methods.

We shall put our customers’ trust as the top priority and will not solicit in a manner that will lead their misjudgments by not informing important matters or providing definitive explanation for uncertain matters.

In order to secure an appropriateness of solicitation to our customers, we shall streamline an internal control system and try to learn relevant laws, regulation, and products through enhanced training programs.

From the viewpoint to prevent insurance fraud, we will endeavor to implement appropriate insurance sales.

When an applicable accident occurs, we shall endeavor to respond promptly and appropriately in our payment procedure of insurance claim.

We shall endeavor to reflect customers’ opinions and requests to development and sales of the products.

*The above is Minami Wing Insurance’s “Solicitation Policy” in accordance with the “Act on Sales, etc., of Financial Instruments.”
For outlines of the “Act on Sales, etc., of Financial Instruments,” please refer to the Website of Financial Service Agency .