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Fukuoka Rent-a-Lease

01 Car RentalFukuoka Rent-a-Lease

Clean cars as good as a new one! If you want to rent a car, please leave it to Fukuoka Car-Lease!

Fukuoka Rent-a-Lease will offer the lowest price car rental service not just in Itoshima City but also throughout Fukuoka Prefecture. If you are concerned about the cost for a business trip or leisure drive, please consult Fukuoka Rent-a-Lease!

All cars are equipped with a navigation system, rear camera, ETC, drive recorder as standard equipment, so it’s safe and secure. Our car rental fee is cheaper than anywhere else. We have a wide range of vehicles from light to luxury cars.

We also have an original mini bus which other companies don’t have. In addition to the 26-seat version, we also have 23-seater version with the wide front row which allows you to stretch your feet comfortably. Please feel free to try it!

Pitatto Safety Inspection Center

02 New car/Used car sale, safety inspection, and maintenancePitatto Safety Inspection Center

Pitatto Safety Inspection Center serves customers with purchasing/selling cars for their intention to purchase a car such as a new Japanese car or desired used car.

Let us repair your car in the event of an accident. Consult us about body repair and get a quotation.

We can handle any car type because many of our mechanics have experience working for dealers. In addition, all mechanics have a 2nd grade national mechanic license. Please feel at ease with our inspection.

Please feel free to consult us about car inspections and maintenance. Mechanics with a national qualification disassemble your car quickly and inspect it based on inspection items prescribed by the law.

Minami Wing Insurance

03 Insurance agentMinami Wing Insurance

Minami Wing Insurance offers a convenient online subscription service that allows you to get a quotation and subscribe online.

Please consult us about the required coverage and your budget. Insurance professionals will select an insurance that best matches your needs.

In order to be prepared for an unexpected accident or disaster, to secure family life in the worst case, medical/hospitalization costs for disease or injury, for saving living expenses after retirement, child’s educational/wedding fund, and for savings, etc. What is the reason why you need insurance? There are different reasons for each person.

Minami Wing Insurance will propose the most appropriate insurance plan that matches your reason.


04 Electricity saleE-Change

We started to sell electricity. Arita Corporation proposes the “reasonable electricity” with a low monthly payment

We have three types of courses: Mama’s Reasonable course, Mama’s Morning Reasonable Course, and Mama’s Midnight Reasonable Course.

We will introduce plans that will save on annual electricity costs for families using a lot of electricity.