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Frequently asked questions at inquiries are as follows:

About Used Car Purchase

QHow long will it take to calculate the estimated purchase price?
For an estimated purchase price, it takes about 10 minutes. If you wish to know a more detailed amount, as we will have to closely check your car’s interior/exterior, option parts, tire, color and engine, etc., it takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour.
QIs it possible for you to come over to check my car?
Sure, we will. We will visit you in Fukuoka City and its suburbs, and Itoshima City.
QWhat documents are necessary for purchase?
  1. 1.Seal certificate
  2. 2.Seal
  3. 3.Automobile tax payment certificate
  4. 4.Automobile tax payment certificate
  5. 5.Mandatory vehicle liability insurance certificate
  6. 6.Recycling ticket
*If the addresses in the vehicle inspection certificate and the seal certificate are different, a residence certificate and family register may be required.
QWhat should I do if I still have a car loan balance?
Please feel free to consult us since it is possible to offset the car loan balance from the appraised value.
QDo you charge any fee at the time of sale?
Pitatto Safety Inspection Center charges nothing when purchasing a car from you. The proposed appraisal value includes all of the cost. Of course, we will not charge you anything for an estimation.

Safety Inspection

QWhat is a private car inspection station?
It is a facility meeting certain criteria of equipment and skills prescribed by law and certified by the country, and can carry out automobile inspections equivalent to the inspection center of the Transport Bureau. The private car inspection station carries out the statutory 24-month inspection before the automobile inspection, and if any defect that doesn’t pass mandatory criteria is detected, it is obliged to replace or repair such part to let the car pass the criteria.
QMy car should have an inspection next month. However, I’m busy and cannot afford time for it. What can I do?
A safety inspection can be conducted one month before the expiration date of the current certificate. When making a reservation, please tell us your schedule, then we will set a convenient schedule for you.
QWhat should I do if the previous inspection certificate has been expired?
Please don’t worry. We will come to pick up your car with a carrier car.
QCan I pay by credit card?
Yes, you can. Installment payment is also available for the loan.

Car Rental

QWhat will I need to bring when renting a car?
Please bring your driver’s license and rental fee to be communicated in advance.
QWhat is an indemnity plan?
If you have an accident while using the rented car, it compensates 50,000 yen of deductible from the objective compensation. You can choose this option at 1,080 yen a day.
However, for buses, Lexus and Crowns, vehicle compensation 100,000 yen and article compensation 50,000 yen can be attached for 2,160 yen a day.
QCan I rent a car even if I have a record of insured event(s)?
Yes, you can. Since we are also an insurance agent, please do not hesitate to consult us when you need help with an accident.
QIs it possible to specify the places to pick up and return a car?
If you spend 30,000 yen or more for our services, you can specify the places to pick up and return the car.
The areas for pick up/return are Fukuoka City, Itoshima City, Kasuya County, Ohnojo City, Kasuga City, Dazaifu City, Nakagawa City, Fukuoka Airport Buspool No. 30, JR Hakata Station Chikushi Gate. Large vehicles such as minibus shall be out of the scope (please consult us in advance).


QWhy is a commercial lease so inexpensive?
Since we purchase our stock in bulk, we can purchase cars cheaper and the lease company can propose the best price among several companies.

Other Question

QWhere is Itoshima City located?
We are located about 20 minutes from the Imajuku Interchange and about 40 minutes from Tenjin using the urban expressway.