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Golfer Insurance

Golfer Insurance

You can subscribe even the day
before your round!
Accident reception is
available 24/365.

Standard plan (yen) Status plan (yen)
Course A Course B Course C Course C Course B Course C
Annual premium 3,000yen 6,000yen 9,000yen 11,000yen 14,000yen 18,000yen
Compensation for liability 50,000,000yen 100,000,000yen 120,000,000yen 150,000,000yen 150,000,000yen 200,000,000yen
Golfer injury compensation (*1) 3,200,000yen 2,800,000yen 2,800,000yen 3,900,0000yen 4,000,000yen 4,500,000yen
Golf equipment compensation 100,000yen 270,000yen 290,000yen 340,000yen 360,000yen 330,000yen
Golf equipment compensation 100,000yen 200,000yen 400,000yen 500,000yen 700,000yen 1,000,000yen

This website introduces products of Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance with which a subscription procedure can be completed online for customers’ convenience.

*There is no deductible.
*1 1.5/1000 of the accident insurance amount per hospitalized day shall be paid. 1.0/1000 of the accident insurance amount per outpatient visit shall be paid.

Golfer Insurance: Extensive coverage

Compensation for liability When your ball hits someone and causes injury and the liability for legal damage on a golf course, etc…
Golfer injury compensation When practicing golf at a practicing range or playing in a golf course, you are accidentally injured, etc…
Golf equipment compensation When golf equipment is stolen, a golf club broken on a golf course or the golf practicing site, etc...
Hole in one/Albatross cost compensation When you achieve a hole-in-one or Albatross and have to treat other players…

Flow of insurance claim payment

STEP1 Report the accident (Contact: 0120-258-189)
Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Accident Report Center, available 24/365
STEP2 Mailing the insurance claim form
The insurance claim form is sent to you.
STEP3 Preparation and submission of required documents
Please fill out the insurance claim form and prepare the necessary documents, and submit them.
STEP4 Insurance claim payment
Please confirm the amount of insurance to be paid, and then the amount will be paid.

Flow of the subscription

Flow of the subscription

The start date can be set within 60 days from the next day of the subscription date.
*1 Since only credit card is accepted for payment of the premium, please enter your credit card information. The following credit cards are accepted.

credit card

Also, policyholder and the credit card member have to be the same person.

This homepage explains the features of overseas travel insurance.
For details, please see the explanation of the application screen of "Net de insurance @ toraberu".
【Approval number】B18-102492 【Expiration date】February 13, 2020